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What Are the Stages of Gum Disease and How Can They Be Treated?

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It’s important that you care for your gums as much as you do your teeth if you want to enjoy good oral health. Gum disease can develop in your smile in different stages, each of which needs to be treated in different ways.

Preventing gum disease is better than treating it, and this can be done if you practice oral hygiene habits every day that involve effective dental care products. Brush your teeth with a proper toothbrush and toothpaste, and then floss with a tool that works efficiently for you. Follow up with rinsing with mouthwash. We encourage you to receive regular dental exams and cleanings from your dentist to further preserve the health of your smile.

When gum disease first develops, it’s called gingivitis and results when plaque buildup irritates your gum tissue. Symptoms of gingivitis include swelling, redness, and inflammation of the gums, which may also feel sore and bleed easily. Proper dental care may be enough to reverse early gum disease. Speak with our dentist about habits such as brushing twice a day, flossing regularly, and rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash. Your diet can also help if you eat lots of foods that fight gum disease. These include carrots, yogurt, spinach, apples, kale, and cheese.

The next stage of gum disease is periodontitis, which is very aggressive and causes gum recession. When the gums pull away, they create pockets that invite plaque and infection, eventually resulting in tooth and bone loss. Your treatment for periodontitis will depend on your needs and may range from scaling and root planing and the use of antibiotics to a more intensive gum surgery.

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