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Life is Always Better With a Smile

At Taylor'd Smiles, we can see you for urgent dental care, tooth decay or other issues with your smile. But in order to keep your smile healthy and in great shape, you should see our dentist for your regular dental exams in Mooresville, North Carolina.

We will perform a careful exam of your teeth and the soft tissues of your mouth. We also take a series of 19 X-rays to evaluate the health of your teeth, bones and gums and to check for oral pathologies. We will also take a series of extraoral photos. These photos allow us to examine the alignment of your teeth, how your tongue fits in your mouth and the health of the roof of your mouth. This part of the examination can help us detect potential sleep apnea or behavioral issues. We will check the mobility of your teeth to see if they are shifting and look for signs of tooth grinding and clenching.

We will use our intraoral camera to take a picture of each of your teeth, which we share with you on a screen. These photos help you understand the health of your smile and any issues that we may need to address.

Gum health is extremely important, and we take six measurements around each of your teeth to check the amount of gum tissue and look for bone loss in your jaw. We will also carefully examine your gums for signs of periodontal disease.

Dr. Laura Olsen Taylor will perform a thorough exam of the muscles of your face and your jaw joints, including your range of motion. We will look for things such as bone loss, tooth shifting, tensions or tenderness of the joints to see if there is a problem with those joints or the way your teeth fit together. We will even use a Doppler device (similar to a baby fetal monitor) to make sure there is no clicking or popping in the jaw joints Finally, we will perform an intraoral and extra oral cancer screening

Dr. Taylor can use these visits to detect potential problems early on when they are easy to treat or prevent potential problems from developing. To get started on a healthier smile, call our office today at 704-662-9111.

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