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Enamel Erosion Might Be Prevented by Fluoride

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Your tooth enamel is composed of microscopic mineral structures that create a strong matrix. Its mineral density helps protect the sensitive layers of your teeth, while also giving them the necessary strength to chew your food. The frequent consumption of acidic beverages, and plaque left on your teeth from poor oral hygiene can gradually start to attack your tooth enamel.

This can leave your teeth at an increased risk of cavities and sensitivity. If your routine dental checkup reveals a problem with your enamel, Dr. Laura Olsen Taylor might advocate a treatment plan designed to increase your fluoride intake. Additional fluoride can bolster the density of your tooth enamel.

Your dentist can administer a simple fluoride treatment to help restore a some of the mineral density to your tooth enamel. This can reduce tooth sensitivity, help with cavity prevention. If the tooth enamel demineralization is significant, the dentist might also prescribe fluoride supplements. With proper use, supplements can help maintain strong tooth enamel.

Going forward, you will need to make a concentrated effort to brush twice a day and floss once a day. You will also need to visit Taylor'd Smiles for your regularly scheduled dental cleanings and exams.

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