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Bad Breath? Banish it With These Tricks

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Is bad breath a constant presence throughout the day that affects your schedule and social interaction? This frequent occurrence of bad breath, or halitosis, may mean that you need to make some changes. Our team offers some quick and easy tricks to prevent bad breath throughout the day and right from your home:

– Drink more water: You can quickly freshen your breath by increasing the amount of water you drink. Proper hydration increases saliva flow in the mouth, which regularly rinses off your teeth and gums and freshens your breath periodically.

– Maintain daily dental hygiene: Brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once daily to prevent bad breath by removing food particles and bacteria and try to linger in your mouth. If you neglect your oral care substances can contribute to bad breath.

– Rinse with mouthwash: At least once a day, swish mouthwash around your mouth to freshen your smile. However, don’t use mouthwash as a substitute for other important dental acts, such as brushing and flossing.

– Eat healthy: While everyone knows that garlic and onions have a big impact on your breath, it is not as well known that acidic and high-fructose foods can have the same effect. Instead, your diet should be full of foods that increase saliva flow, including orange or dark green veggies, crisp fruits, whole grains, and lean protein options such as meat and beans.

Speak with our dentist if you regularly have bad breath in Mooresville, North Carolina, as it could be a sign of an untreated oral condition. You are welcome to contact Taylor'd Smiles at 704-662-9111 today if you are interested in a consultation with Dr. Laura Olsen Taylor.